by Sharon Glassman

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Part of 13 original songs that stand on their own and fuel the plot of Glassman's novel-with-songs BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN.

Songs range from blues ("Roller Coaster"), to country/bluegrass ("Uh Huh"), cabaret ("Mulligan Waltz") and honky tonk ("Spring or Fall").

Full CD release scheduled for October, 2014.

Praise for the songs of BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN:

“I fell in love with you and your music. The whole thing is exciting… I was getting tingles up and down my spine.” – Philip Coggon, KRFC-FM LIVE AT LUNCH, Fort Collins, CO

"BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN was a fabulous distraction in a stressful week. Nothing better than getting lost in a good book or song! Write On." Trish Lewis, The Eclectic Chair, WCUX-FM, Michigan

"So creative, charming, funny, unpredictable, and smart. I LOVE it!!" - Rockin' Robin


released August 2, 2014

BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN SONGS VOL 2. All songs by Sharon Glassman. Arranged and produced by Eric Thorin at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver, CO.

Songs performed by: Sharon Glassman, vocals (except Roller Coaster). Eric Thorin, upright and electric bass, Paul Kiteck, mandolin, violin, Dexter Payne, clarinet, baritone sax, Eric Moon, piano. prepared piano, Marc Dalio, percussion, Rich Moore, guitar. Additional musicians: Wende Harsten , vocals on “Roller Coaster; Eben Grace, guitar on “Spring or Fall”; Dusty Rider, banjo on "Uh-Huh"



all rights reserved


Sharon Glassman Longmont, Colorado

Charming, smart stories and songs for a busy age. I've been called a Surreal Romantic. Adore Harold Arlen, Lou Reed, Kay Starr, Frank Sinatra & Peggy Lee. Can tell you a funny story about the first time I went electric on fiddle. More at ... more

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Track Name: Spring or Fall
Spring or Fall
©2014, Sharon Glassman

I could fall for you like a sack of potatoes
Like a big sack of potatoes in the fall.
But if I fall for you like a sack of potatoes
who will plant potatoes in the mall?

I can’t fall for you baby, I can’t fall for you at all
I can’t fall for you baby, I can’t fall for you at all
I’ll take a step and then some others, think a thought, have
my druthers. But I won’t fall.

Oh, the weeping willow’s weeping
Rip Van Winkle’s sleeping
They both know what they were born to do
But when it comes to me. Oh say now can you see?
I’m wanna take the slow train home with you.

I will not fall I will not fall.
I will not fall I will not fall.

You can ask any soap bubble
what’s the use of all the trouble
To fly high like a rainbow if you pop?
There’s a million useful uses
for a heart that’s free of bruises
We could hop, hop hop hop hop
But let’s not fall. Let’s spring, not fall.

Oh, the scarecrow’s hair grow yellow
He’s such a sunny fellow
Standing in his chosen homegrown field
But as the evenings shorten
He’s feeling less important
Will he yield?

Or will he fall? Will he fall?
Will he fall? Spring or fall?
Track Name: Mulligan Waltz
Mulligan Waltz
©2014, Sharon Glassman

Mulligan. I want a mulligan.
A chance to cull again.
I want a Mulligan.

Mulligan, let life be dull again.
Pull the glass full again.
I want a Mulligan.

I want the second chance that Adam missed,
I want to run the race and not be kissed …
and kissed again.
I want a Mulligan.

Mulligan, I want a Mulligan.
Travel like Sullivan.
I want a Mulligan.

Mulligan, let life be dull again.
Be short or tall again.
I want a Mulligan.

I want a do over and do it again,
to not know how and not care when.
I want to take it, retake it, mistake it, remake it and then…

I want a Mulligan. I want a Mulligan.
I won’t change a thing. Not even the Mulligan.
Track Name: Uh Huh

©2014, Sharon Glassman

I sewed a 6-toed sock and a HALF-knit sweater
But I’ve got something that will fit you better, Uh-Huh, Uh-huh
Dunked 3-dozen donuts in a barrel of beer
But I’ve got something that will keep you here, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh

Made to order, family size,
got your nose & both your eyes, Uh-Huh-huh.
Sounds like you when it starts talking.
Makes me a-laugh when we go a-walking.

I could you paint you a picture but I’m bad with a brush
Script you a scripture I’m a saint in a rush-uh-ush, Uh-Huh
Build you a boxcar, buy your seat on a train.
Read your POSTcards from Paris, your letters from Spain-ain-ain, Uh-Huh


I could write you a sonnet, hang your sheets on the line
Be in your bonnet, sun in your shi-i-ine, Uh-Huh
Slide on your sidewalk, hop in your Scotch
Jitter your bug, double your Du-u-utch, uh-huh

But a present ain’t present til you give it away.
Tomorrow’s on borrow. How bout today? Uh-huh.

Track Name: Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster

©2014, Sharon Glassman


Rollercoaster, roll on by. Rollercoaster, roll on by.
Feeling low. Take me high.

Rollercoaster, rolling through. Rollercoaster, is it true? Gave you one. Give me two.

Rollercoaster, fade to black. Rollercoaster, down the track. Moving on, or coming back?

Rollercoaster, roll on by. Rollercoaster, roll on by.
Feeling low. Take me high. Say hello…and say goodbye.